San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2, San Francisco, CA

Inspired by our relationship to clouds and flight, the imagery for this vertical glass canopy creates a facade for the Terminal. The images delve into flight's inherent dualities: ephemeral-permanent, shallow-deep, hard-soft, abstract-real, distinct-indistinct, natural-man-made, symmetry-asymmetry, up-down and constant-change. The facade is comprised of a grid of 120 pieces of laminated glass panels 4' x 10' each covering two 16' x 150' areas. Produced at Franz Mayer Studios in Munich, Germany, the panels are comprised of one layer of glass hand-painted with glass enamels and another layer that is a silkscreened pixilated image in white.

2 parts, each 16' high x 150' long

hand painted and silk screened glass enamel on float glass and laminated

Commissioned by San Francisco Arts Commission/City and County of San Francisco